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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2022 / For R.A. Varghese, the natural world provides many lessons. His new book Metaverse of the Mind highlights the connectivity of all things. The cosmos is a network of networks. The atom has its own social media platform of sub-atomic particles. Stars belong to galaxies. Microbes form the microbiome. Fungi have their 'wood-wide web.' Flocks of birds, schools of fish, herds of elephants, tweet and post and stream.

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How these ecosystems work together may be the key to unlocking the potential of employees, too, and Varghese has teamed with international outsourcing company Bruntwork to teach employees the lessons of the natural world.

'The more we recognize the intelligence embedded in nature and other species, the better we can 'connect' with the world around us, including those that we work with,' Varghese says. 'And this, in turn, will open the door to new discoveries and their applications.'

Bruntwork COO Adam Pisk said the company pays out tens of thousand dollars a year to help with the connectivity of employees through online workshops and in-person bonding but working with such a big-sky thinker as Varghese allowed them to have a holistic look at how they could have a happier, healthier workforce.

'Given that a huge portion of our workforce is spread out across different companies and across different parts of the world, we had to find a radical way to try to improve how everyone connects,' says Bruntwork COO Adam Pisk. 'I had read Metaverse of the Mind by Varghese and thought there were some real-life business lessons to learn as well.'

Turning the book into a practical program

A course built on this book will be designed around recognizing the ingenuity embedded all around us and leveraging this 'ingenuity' to foster our own fulfillment and the improvement of both human society and the global ecosystem.

'Our starting point is treating all people and things with respect and awe,' Varghese says. 'This attitude spurs discoveries focused not just on technological applications but on our common well-being. An obvious current example is the recognition of the need for innovative energy sources that are also renewable and eco-friendly.'

The founders of modern science were excited by their own discoveries, but to a person they were especially enraptured by the mystery and the magnificence of reality manifested in these discoveries. This dimension lends urgency to explore the new horizons that are constantly opening up while adopting the particular perspective offered here. What the book does is present the big picture that makes sense of all the data before us. This big picture opens up pathways to new kinds of discoveries and their applications - discoveries that are human- and eco-friendly.

The book 'Metaverse of Mind - the Cosmic Social Network' unifies and amplifies the real-world metaverse message of modern science. It is a celebration of the wonder that is the world and an exploration of the mind-space that is the matrix of the cosmos. Varghese's previous works on the metaverse of mind have been acclaimed by Nobel Prize winners and eminent scientists.

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